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Posted on: December 23, 2012 10:52 am

Jackrabbits eat Wolves

Losing to South Dakota State was a major problem for the Lobos.  Not exactly sure exactly what the problem was.  New Mexico didn't look at all like a top 20 team.  Getting beat on the boards was a major surprise.  Getting outshot like that was also odd-especially at home at The Pit.  Now, Nate Wolters, the SD St star PG is one great guard-probably 2nd or 3rd team All-American- but New Mexico should have had way too many weapons to overbalance his talent.  New Mexico guard, Kendall Williams played well, but couldn't do it by himself.  Inside play was particularly weak and shooting was atrocious.  Belmont, a pretty good team beat SD State 76-49 and Minnesota beat them 88-64.  New Mexico should have done the same thing at home- but never led in the game.  SD State played Alabama close, but have not really beaten anybody convincingly- including loads of FCS-type teams to the extent they did New Mexico.  I was shocked to see the Jackrabbits come into the Pit and beat the Lobos so convincingly.  The 70-65 final score doesn't show how one-sided the contest was.  If not for 3 or 4 amazing plays by the Lobos down the stretch the final score would have been a 10-12 point gap.

As for the Cuse, I thought they played very well and were simply beaten because they missed a couple of key shots down the stretch.  

Hopefully these talented teams will learn something, but we know how it can go.  That first loss was either an anomaly or will prove to be the beginning of an unravelling...Let's hope it's the former. 
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